We love tequila and have a deep appreciation for the different varieties, production processes and final forms of tequila that exist. In acknowledgement of that appreciation of tequila - in all its forms - we have created an experience for our guests that goes beyond the typical offerings  "house, Cadillac or flavored." 

We hope you enjoy the product of our passion for tequila  - - which resulted over 50 tequila offerings on our cocktail and tequila menu!


Tequila is aptly named after the city in which it is primarily produced, which is in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. (Four other states in Mexico produce tequila, too). It's made from blue agave plants. These two defining factors make tequila tequila. You know, It's like legit Champagne is only made from certain grapes in Champagne, France. Otherwise, folks, you're drinking sparkling wine! Whisky can be tricky, too. Don't try to order a Scottish bourbon because Scotch is only made in Scotland while bourbon is made in the United States. You get the gist. Geography and ingredients, that makes the drink.

Ok, you want to drink tequila! Whoo Hoo! What kind? 
Here's a quick guide:

Blanco or Silver tequila is not aged. It's referred to as tequila in it's purest form. You will taste a sweeter blanco that's from the highlands or a more earthy tasting one from the lowlands. Oh yeah, it's the clear tequila.

Reposado tequila is aged at least two months in an oak barrel or tub. Reposado means rested en español, BTW. Reposado is not clear. The color depends upon how long it's aged and in what kind of barrel. Barrels used to age whisky or sherry are popular for aging reposado tequila, or brand new oak barrels might also be used.

Añejo tequila is aged from one to three years in an oak barrel or tub. The aging process gives the tequila it's golden color. Extra añejo tequila is aged longer than three years, and will be darker in color. The time spent in the oak barrel mellows the tequila, so you might consider sipping rather than shooting añejo tequila.

Are you wondering about Mezcal? If not, use the above Quick Guide to Tequila to drink on and prosper. If you are wondering about mezcal, read on, my friend.

Mezcal is part of tequila's family tree. It's a liquor made from any number of agave plants. Remember, tequila is only made from blue agave plants. All tequilas are a type of mezcal but mezcals are not considered tequila, even though some mezcals are made from blue agave plants. See what I mean, tequila's half-sibling or cousin...some kind of relation.

Most mezcal is made in Oaxaca, but it is also made in eight other states in Mexico. The smokey flavor of mezcal comes from roasting the agave heart, called a piña, in an underground fire pit lined with volcanic rock and wood! Well, sip some mezcal while you're at the bar, and decide for yourself its relation to tequila.